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Jennifer is an energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging workshop presenter who can make anyone believe they will achieve their weight loss goals! She is passionate about helping others through her motivational presentations and will get you to move, get you to shake, and will share simple steps to help everyone move forward on their weight loss journey. If you thought getting to your ideal weight would be daunting, hire Jennifer and she’ll show you how it can be dazzling!

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Jennifer-Espinosa-Goswami Welcome, former fat girls! I am dedicated to helping you ditch the diet and escape the gym. I could tell you to eat organic, clean foods 100% of the time, or run yourself half to death. But, you’ve already heard all of that, haven’t you?

You can lose weight without sacrificing the life you love! I know, because I figured out how to do it myself.

I used to be 100 pounds overweight until 2001.  That year, my Grandma passed away at the age of 88 in a hospital from heart problems.  Grandma was an inspirational woman who lived an active life. I realized that I wouldn’t live half as long if I continued eating the way I did.

That was when I took the first step toward weight bliss. One year later, I was 100 pounds lighter.  Along the way, I discovered a simple recipe to lifestyle change. I want to share that with you.

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A member of the National Weight Control Registry, Jennifer has been featured on Shapefit.com, First for Women magazine, and as a guest on various blogs. She is mother to two beautiful daughters and married to a fabulous man from Calcutta.  Jennifer is a resident of Richfield, MN.

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Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami

 Top 5 clients who hire Jennifer

1) Event planners for corporations looking for a fun and inspirational keynote speaker or interactive workshop presenter

2) Health organizations dedicated to curing obesity that are seeking real-life stories of success

3) Women’s groups (especially women of color) that serve busy working women

4) Event planners for health and wellness expos

5) Networking organizations that serve the Twin Cities


Short list of topics include:

  • Weight Loss

  • Women’s Health

  • Goal Achievement

Jennifer is an engaging speaker who creatively uses props and the element of surprise to delight her listeners. She had the audience empathizing, smiling, and laughing.

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