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Jenn creatively combines her experience in business and in wellness to provide a refreshingly different perspective on both. Her “take-action” approach inspires her audiences to take small steps that lead to big changes. An authentic expert who has lived her message, Jenn engages her audience with practical content delivered in a friendly “you-can-do-it” style.

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Jennifer-Espinosa-Goswami Welcome, super moms! If you are looking to ditch the diet and escape the gym, you are in the right place. I could tell you to eat organic, clean foods 100% of the time, or run yourself half to death. But, you have already heard all of that, right?

You can lose weight without sacrificing the life you love! Here’s how I know.

I used to be 100 pounds overweight until 2001.  That year, I lose my beloved Grandma, who passed away days after her 88th birthday in a hospital from heart disease.  Grandma was a huge part of my life, and never let me down. I realized that I would not live half as long as her if I continued eating the way I did.

That was when I took the first step toward weight bliss. One year later, I was 100 pounds lighter.  Along the way, I discovered a simple recipe to permanent lifestyle change.

If you want to get started on your own weight loss journey, download my free template on building healthy breakfasts.

If you are done thinking about an amazing transformation and ready for action, schedule a no-risk, low-calorie chat with me to talk about how you can obtain optimal health without drastically changing your lifestyle. Schedule HERE. Not sure yet? Find out what it means to work me with HERE.

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Move It Monday

A member of the National Weight Control Registry, Jenn is passionate about helping working moms lose weight without sacrificing their favorite foods or time with their family. She is mother to two beautiful daughters and married to a fabulous man from Calcutta.  Jennifer is a resident of Minneapolis, MN.

 As a client of the “Release program”, you will…

  • Increase your energy levels by maximizing your movement

  • Create tasty and healthy meals that fuel your day

  • Set achievable milestones that challenge and inspire you

  • Release any doubts in your own power to transform your body


Discovery Session – During your 30 minute complimentary Discovery session, we will discover your top struggle when it comes to achieving weight loss success and identify a specific strategy to overcome it.

Schedule NOW at www.bitly.com/getbodyback


Confidential Intake Process – You will complete a short questionnaire in order to identify your previous experiences with weight loss. This daily snapshot will uncover opportunities to easily lose weight in barely noticeable ways.


Planning Session – During your 60 minute Planning session, we will design a customized plan to release your unhealthy habits and increase consistent action, including personalized milestones to success.


Celebrate Sessions – In subsequent 30 minute Celebrate sessions (twice per month), I will challenge you, celebrate milestones, and develop a healthier lifestyle for you that persists for life.


Bonus Holiday Help During this 60-minute session, we will strategize specific techniques for success for times when you are traveling or are in a different environment.


“I hired Jenn to help me lose weight during the busiest holiday season of the year. I had tried other diet programs that were so complicated and focused on short-term goals rather than lasting results. Some even made me sick! With Jenn’s gentle but firm coaching and accountability, I was able to drop 7 pounds in one month with just a few changes that were barely noticeable. I HIGHLY recommend you hire Jenn to help you reach your health goals if you are looking for long-term, sustainable changes. You’ll be glad you did!”— SUE


By the end of the program, you can expect to release excess weight that impacts your current quality of life, release your preference for unhealthy food, and release the doubts about achieving your optimal health!


Your program includes…

  • Accountability to help you improve your quality of life

  • Unlimited email support

  • Access to my weekly updates with the latest health tips

  • My personal commitment to your health and success

To get started, schedule a no-risk, calorie-free chat with me at www.bitly.com/getbodyback. What do you have to lose?


Two convenient options

“Release” 3 Month Private Program

Ideal for those who have 10-30 pounds to lose. We work on the basics of how to fill up your plate, move more, and enjoy life today!

“Release” 6 Month Group Program

Ideal for those who have more than 30 pounds to lose. We work on why your diets have failed, and master specific healthy habits that you can maintain for life. In addition to private sessions with me, you have access to a private Facebook group and monthly training calls, as well as the support of a group on same mission as you.





Who do I Serve?

1) Event planners for corporations looking for a fun and inspirational keynote speaker or interactive workshop presenter

2) Health organizations or associations that are seeking real-life stories of success

3) Women’s groups (especially women of color) that provide inspiration and motivation to working women

4) Health and wellness expos

5) Networking organizations looking for personal or professional development


Short list of topics

Health and Wellness

Women’s Health

Goal Achievement


I’ve heard Jennifer speak earlier this year and was impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and general desire to help. I was so impressed with her presentation that I have asked her to do a presentation for my company later this summer. If you are looking for someone who is dynamic and inspiring, Jennifer is your person.

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Partial Client List

National Independent Health Club Association (NIHCA)

South Washington Community Education

The Refine Conference

Polkadot Powerhouse

District 6 Stagecoach Speakers (Wells Fargo group)

Moms Rock Expo

Mercy Vineyards

Curvy Divas Expo

Target Corporation



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